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The Wind in the Willows

600 headwords | A1 | Movers


Kenneth Grahame

Toad is never happy to sit at home and do nothing. He likes adventure and fun.

Sometimes things go wrong, but he is a lucky Toad. He has the most important thing that anyone can have. He has friends. He has Rat, and Mole, and Badger. Follow these four friends around the English countryside. Visit them inside their houses, and travel with them in a car, or on a boat on the river.
Listen to the wind in the willows.


Vocabulary Areas
Animals, Food, Transport, Weather,
Grammar and Structures
Simple present: States and habits,
Present Continuous: actions in progress,
Past Simple: Finished actions, Future
forms, Will, going to, Present Continuous,
Can: ability, Could: ability,
Must: obligation, Have to: necessity,
Will: predictions, Adjectives,
Prepositions (place, time), Question
words, Relative Clauses,
There is/There are, Pronouns,
Verbs + infinitive/ing

Adventure | Nature | Friendship

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