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Sophie’s Dream ELI

Stage 1 - Young ELI Readers - below A1


Dominique Guillemant - Illustrazioni di Paola Chartroux

It’s late. Sophie is asleep in her bed and she is having a lovely dream. She is dreaming about a day at the circus. In her dream she meets Giggles the clown and Juliet the ballet dancer.’

She is dreaming about a day at the circus. What would happen if during the night elephants and lions, musicians and entertainers, clowns and ballet dancers came in your little room? The never ending and fascinating show of the circus seen from the eyes of a curious child in a very poetic tale accompanied by artistic illustrations.

Vocabulary areas
Circus, Occupations, Animals
Grammar and structures
Singular and plural forms with ‘s’,
Common irregular plural forms,
Possessive form (’s), Simple adjectives,
Positive, question, positive imperative
forms, Present Simple, Present
Continuous with present meaning
(except negative questions)

Fairy Tale and Fantasy | Animal Story

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