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Robinson Crusoe ELI

STAGE 1 Elementary | 600 headwords | A1

Audio CD | 14,8x21 cm, 80 pages


Daniel Dafoe - Retold by Silvana Sardi

Crusoe’s father wants him to be a good guy, but Crusoe wants nothing more than to travel around the world. His first voyage is a disaster! Robinson survives but doesn’t go home and travels to Brazil. Then…



In this Reader you will find:

Information about Daniel Dafoe’s life | Focus On Sections | Appreciation and Extension Activities

At the age of eighteen, Robinson Crusoe, a young Englishman, leaves his family to see the world. One night, there’s a terrible storm. His  ship goes down and all his friends die. Robinson gets to an island. What will he do all by himself? How will he live? Will he ever see England again?

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Robinson Crusoe - Young Adult ELI Readers

ISBN: 9788853620231

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